Inspection of Lifting Machines

G.S. Marine Services Ltd offers services for the Initial and Periodic Inspection and the Certification of Lifting Machinery within the framework of the Κ.Δ.Π. 153/2021.

Our customers are the owners of Lifting Machinery.

Our services include checks on LIFTING MACHINES, as follows:

(i) lifting machines, for which there is a risk of the operator or another person falling into or onto it from a vertical height of three (3) meters or more, including forklifts and/or telehandlers with an attached or permanently installed platform for the lifting of persons, such as:

• scissor lifts,
• articulated boom lifts,
• telescopic boom lifts,
• mast lifts

(ii) construction lifting machinery such as cranes, gantry cranes, bucket trucks and excavators used for lifting operations,

(iii) cranes with a lifting capacity of less than five thousand (5,000) kilograms,

(iv) wall-mounted or mast-mounted cranes with a lifting capacity of less than two thousand (2,000) kilograms,

(v) loader cranes with a lifting capacity of five thousand (5,000) kilograms or more

(vi) lifting machines that are elevators, such as building elevators and construction material elevators,

(vii) concrete pumps,

(viii) forklifts used exclusively for lifting loads

• forklifts

(ix) vehicle lifts,

(x) lifting machines for feeding aircraft (feeding platforms), lifting patients or other passengers with mobility problems on aircraft, working platforms (for lifting more than 3 meters)

(xi) vehicle towing cranes,

(xii) manual machines with a lifting capacity of more than one hundred (100) kilograms,

• handlifts

(xiii) non-self-propelled elevators and hydraulic mechanisms with scissor platforms with a lifting capacity of more than two hundred (200) kilograms, excluding those included in a higher degree of danger

In addition, auxiliary lifting components such as:

• Chain blocks
• Slings
• Belts

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